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Dinare Story

The Dinare Story

DINARe was founded with a singular purpose: to serve as the transformative arm of a corporate fund. We are driven to pioneer change and innovation within the entrepreneurial landscape. Our journey began with a deep-seated belief that investing in tech startups transcends mere capital infusion; it encompasses holistic support and strategic partnership.

As a subsidiary of a corporate fund, our mission is intrinsically linked to their commitment to shaping a digitally-powered future. Their unwavering dedication to digital transformation and their active involvement in technology investments serve as our driving force.

Co-Building (Concept/Early Stage):

Co-Building (Concept/Early Stage)

Guided by market intelligence, Dinare Ventures creates tech ventures with a robust product-market fit, adding genuine value. Acting as co-founders and co-builders, we meticulously select founders and collaborate closely to establish the right infrastructure from concept to launch. Post-launch, our support continues, empowering founders to nurture and scale their businesses. Simultaneously, we empower early-stage founders with funding and expertise, identifying and supporting promising ventures in the MENA region. Our commitment is to foster ongoing innovation and growth, enabling startups to thrive.
Co-Building (Corporate)

Co-Building (Corporate)

At Dinare, we emphasize the significance of collaboration in ensuring the success of the ecosystem. We firmly believe that working hand-in-hand with corporate partners can yield superior results. Our approach involves building competitive ventures by joining forces with corporates. We subject our partners to a rigorous vetting process to assess their capabilities and ensure a shared vision, culture, and mindset. Together, we forge the path to success.
Venture Support

Venture Support

Our approach to supporting startups is what makes our model thorough. Through several integrated support features, we offer support through governance, consulting, advisory, mentorship and educational programs, and diverse resources and networking.


We manage the performance of both our funded and built
ventures through a comprehensive governance system to
monitor and guide performance.

Consulting & Advisory

Our tailored consulting and advisory services are provided by a community of diverse experts to help enterprises start and scale-up their business in a profitable and sustainable way.

Mentorship & Educational Programs

Entrepreneurs can benefit from robust mentorship and
educational programs to suit their development needs in
different business areas across an array of sectors.

Resources & Network

Our diverse network spans the globe, which allows us access to a wealth of sources for information. The Dinare community gives all the stakeholders the ability to connect with others on the path to success.