Investing In High Value Ideas And

Building High Impact Businesses.

What Is Dinare?

What Is Dinare?

We offer a full-fledged approach to funding and building ventures across the region. Dinare offers an alternative to traditional approaches by combining investment, fundraising, and building activities with the support of a community of experts and service entities. Our three-pillar approach – funding, building, and supporting businesses – boosts success rates for digital startups in the Middle Eastern, African, and South Asian technology ecosystem.

Dinare Story

The Dinare Story

Dinare’s story began with the vision and drive to evolve into a major contributor to the development of a connective and supportive ecosystem for entrepreneurs in the region. Through extensive research, our team gained a deeper understanding of the existing structure of the region’s digital ecosystems and the main challenges, obstacles, and pitfalls stakeholders face on their road to success.

While many excellent and diverse support entities exist to support entrepreneurial activities in the region, the real challenges persist. Our analysis of the landscape showed a strong potential for more integration between the necessary support functions a developing business needs to be successful. 

After identifying this potential, the team behind Dinare began to develop a path forward. Our diverse team of business builders, investors, and tech-oriented experts consolidated their efforts into one mission: bringing all aspects of supporting an ecosystem together and creating an integrated 360 support system for all stakeholders.

Venture Investment

Venture Investment

We don’t wait for opportunities to land in front of us, ours is a highly motivated and proactive process. By continuously assessing diverse markets, we uncover valuable opportunities to help our partners increase and expand their investment portfolios.

Our targets and interests are sector-agnostic, widening the investment field and only concerning ourselves with an idea’s potential. We seek high value yielding early-stage digital startups backed by disruptive ideas and innovative entrepreneurs

Dinare’s Investment Process

Venture Building

Venture Building

We have our eyes fixed on the digital tech market, and we work on building ventures to add real value and meet needs. Our benchmarks for venture building are centered around disruptive and value-adding concepts, building startups with a strong product-market-fit, and creating scalable businesses with high levels of attractiveness and low levels of competitiveness.


We carefully select and partner with the right co-founders to work with us on realizing building opportunities, along with the help of a fully integrated and knowledgeable community of experts, entrepreneurs, and support entities. This enables us to build a venture from the beginning stage of a simple idea all the way to a fully structured and operational business.

Dinare has two pathways for venture building with a process for each.

Pathway #1:

Dinare Develops And Validates An Idea, Then Finds The Right Co-Founder To Build The Business Together.

Pathway #2:

Dinare Teams Up With Founders In Bringing Their Already Formed Ideas To Life, Providing Them With The Necessary Funding And Building Support.

Venture Support

Venture Support

Our approach to supporting startups is what makes our model thorough. Through several integrated support features, we offer support through governance, consulting, advisory, mentorship and educational programs, and diverse resources and networking.


We manage the performance of both our funded and built
ventures through a comprehensive governance system to
monitor and guide performance.

Consulting & Advisory

Our tailored consulting and advisory services are provided by a community of diverse experts to help enterprises start and scale-up their business in a profitable and sustainable way.

Mentorship & Educational Programs

Entrepreneurs can benefit from robust mentorship and
educational programs to suit their development needs in
different business areas across an array of sectors.

Resources & Network

Our diverse network spans the globe, which allows us access to a wealth of sources for information. The Dinare community gives all the stakeholders the ability to connect with others on the path to success.